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>It’s great? Ok, I’ll take your word for it: Films I just didn’t get

>Everyone has at some stage in their film going life been told by a friend or family member that “they just HAVE to see this film”, only for you to see it and come out thinking “huh?”. At other times … Continue reading

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>A Song a Year: 1984, 99 Luftballoons

>By 1984 I was starting to really take an interest in music. The unfortunate thing is my taste was horrible. I had no idea what was good or bad or plain awful. Though a quick look at the top 10 … Continue reading

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>Oscar is always wrong (except when it’s right) Part III: 2001

>2001Wow what a year. The Academy pretty much ballsed up everything! Get this: in a race between David Lynch, Robert Altman, Ridley Scott, Peter Jackson and Ron Howard for Best Director, Ron Howard won! Yep it was that kind of … Continue reading

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>Newspoll: ALP 59-LNP 41

>Well that’s a nice way to end the year isn’t it? How would you like to be Malcolm Turnbull – you reach the end of the parliamentary year, having been leader of the Liberal Party since the beginning of October, … Continue reading

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>Kerryn McCann RIP

>The day got off to a horrible start when news came through the news sites that marathon runner Kerryn McCann had died this morning of breast cancer. McCann had been diagnosed when she was pregnant with her third child, and … Continue reading

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>Flick of the Week: Monet’s unknown masterpiece, "Dogs At Cards"

>This week’s Flick of the Week, takes us from In the Line of Fire, with Renee Russo to The Thomas Crown Affair, a 1999 remake of the Steve McQueen, Faye Dunnaway 1968 flick of the same name. This is not … Continue reading

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>On the QT: Almost stumps

>All this week, despite the odd attempt by Christopher Pyne to have a go at Julia Gillard, or Malcolm Turnbull yet again beginning a question with “And I refer to the statement by the Prime Minister…”, Question Time has been … Continue reading

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>A song a year: 1983, Bop Girl

>I really only started taking a particular interest in music in 1983. Before that I was aware of songs on the radio, but I wasn’t personally involved with any songs or bands. In 1982 for example I knew of “Ebony … Continue reading

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