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>Oscar is always wrong (except when it’s right) Part VI: 1998

>1998 1998 was a big year for the Oscars. It pitted Spielberg, going all out to win Best Picture for his WWII flick Saving Private Ryan, against the Mirimax machine trying to sneak away with the major prize for Shakespeare … Continue reading

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>A Song a Year: 1988, Run to Paradise

>Sometimes a song that sticks in your head is not a song you particularly like. It can be an annoying ditty that worms its way into your skull despite your best efforts to delete it from your cerebrum. When I … Continue reading

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>The AFL Hall of Fame: Who Gets In (and Who Doesn’t) Part Two

>OK, Part One was easy, now it gets a bit tougher. First off let’s go with ones that probably should’ve been included in Part One. The “Maybe I was Harsh” Category.Dustin Fletcher (will be 300+ games, 2xAA, 2x Premiership)Close your … Continue reading

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>Flick of the Week: "What do you want me to do, count three like they do in the movies?"

>This week’s flick of the week takes us from His Girl Friday with the great director Howard Hawks to his brilliant noir thriller The Big Sleep starring Humphrey Bogart as Philip Marlowe and Lauren Bacall as the seductive Mrs Rutledge. … Continue reading

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>AFL Power List: Round Five (or two sides clear out from the pack)

> Gary Ablett Jr made it two weeks in a row getting 40+ possessions.  To put that in some context, Mark Ricciuto had only one 40+ game in his entire career, Brent Harvey also has only done it once. The … Continue reading

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>The AFL Hall of Fame – Who Gets In: Part One (the top bracket)

>OK we’ve worked out how to make the AFL Hall of Fame better, now let’s decide who gets in. The thing about the Hall of Fame is that it shouldn’t be the Hall of the Very Good; it has to … Continue reading

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>The AFL needs a real Hall of Fame

>The AFL Hall of Fame is, to be perfectly frank, a joke. Does anyone actually know it exists? Is there an actual hall? I tried to find out, but the best I can get from the web is that it … Continue reading

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>Newspoll: ALP 58 – LNP 42

>No change in this fortnight’s Newspoll on the two-party preferred. The big change was on the satisfaction ratings of the leaders. Rudd’s went down from 68% to 66%. His dissatisfaction rating went up from 21% to 25%. His net-satisfaction rating … Continue reading

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>The smoking gun is a water pistol

>Bernard Keane in today’s Crikey writes what I’ve been wondering all weekend. Just what is it that the opposition think the Government is covering up? Keane writes: You want to know a REAL cover-up? What about the Black Saturday bushfires? … Continue reading

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>AFL Power List: Round Four (or I know bugger all)

> Well after a great few weeks I picked only one winner this week (admittedly I went for the Crows only because I always do). Sydney, Hawthorn and Carlton are trying to make a case for being the tipper’s nightmare … Continue reading

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