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>AFL Power List: Round 10 (or, and then there were… well the same as last week really)

> Ok, last week it was the Cats, Saints, Bulldogs and Hawks looking safe. This week I’ll drop the Hawks from that list. Yeah they’ll probably make it, but they were beaten pretty easily by the Crows and so they … Continue reading

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>It’s a bit better than Pong

>Today, with some money I was given for my birthday, I bought a copy of Crysis. Now Crysis is a bit of a Shibboleth. To those who know what it means, it means everything; to those who don’t, it means … Continue reading

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>Stimulant or waste?

>There was an excellent article in today’s The Age by Ross Gittins. He runs his line over the stimulus and the claims by Turnbull and the Liberals that Rudd and Swan have been economic vandals, throwing away money and putting … Continue reading

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>The Liberal Party slogan: I know you are, but what am I?

>The Liberal Party ended the week on a pretty sad note. Their efforts to grill the Government over debt and deficit died a dull death as the Government went into full-on infrastructure photo mode. In retaliation the Libs pulled out … Continue reading

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>On the QT: Big props; big dill

>Ok, yes, I’m a politics addict… Once again I didn’t see much of QT, but I was unfortunate enough to witness Joe Hockey try and unfurl a dumb prop showing the length of time the Government is projecting to be … Continue reading

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>On the QT: Check out my big props

>Now as I said yesterday, I’ve given up on politics for a while. But like an addict needing that hit each day to keep functioning, I couldn’t resist having a quick snoop at the Question Time proceedings. I only saw … Continue reading

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>On the QT: Don’t know really

>I couldn’t be bothered with Question Time yesterday or today. From what I can gather, yesterday the opposition cheered when Rudd finally said “billion” – I guess that’s their election winning strategy locked in then. Apparently Anthony Albanese then skewered … Continue reading

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>AFL Power List: Round 9 – Or So much for the 8 being set

> Two sides on 9 wins. Ten sides on 4 or 5 wins. So it’s 10 into 6. Hawks and Bulldogs still looking good. So make it 8 into 4. Should ensure lots of pain ahead for a goodly number … Continue reading

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>Flick of the Week: "We killed some; too many really. I’ll manage it better next time".

>This week’s flick of the week takes us with Claude Rains from the Best Picture winner of 1943 with Casablanca, to the best Picture winner of 1962, a small, little film known as Lawrence of Arabia. Small? Little? Be buggered! … Continue reading

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>The AFL Hall of Fame: My Last Word

>When I did my previous post on the Hall of Fame I actually had no idea that that very night the latest group were being inducted into the Hall of Fame. Now I read a fair few sports websites – … Continue reading

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