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>Flick of the Week: "That’s the second bullet I stopped for you."

>This week’s Flick of the Week takes us with Orson Welles from the noir of Vienna, in The Third Man to the noir of the American-Mexico border with Touch of Evil.In the years after World War Two, as the glory … Continue reading

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>Swimmers – they’re all on the gear

>Is any sport at the moment in a worse state than swimming? The last time the Swimming World Championships were held in Rome it was 1994, and the controversy was over the drugged up Chinese swimmers (remember the shot of … Continue reading

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>Newspoll: ALP 57 – LNP 43 (or, Good Thing They Got Rid of Nelson)

>Today’s Newspoll came out with the ALP increasing its lead over the coalition from 55-45 to 57-43. No surprise really. Turnbull’s Satisfaction rating improved a bit from 31% to 33%. His Dis-satisfaction also improved a bit from 55% to 50%. … Continue reading

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>Turnbull’s Policy Placebo

>Today the Government released the National Health and Hospitals Reform Commission report. It is a long (long!) report that contained 123 recommendations regarding the health system. Yep, 123! It’s actually a pretty policy-heavy document – and one that demands more … Continue reading

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>AFL Power List: Round 17 (or the Hawks are not dead yet)

> After losing one of the many candidates for match of the year, the Hawks looked gone for the season; and then Essendon lost to Richmond. So now the Hawks are out of the 8 only on percentage. Let’s break … Continue reading

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>Birth of a Nation

>Jon Stewart recently came first in a poll on Time magazine’s website as the most trusted newscaster in America; which is a pretty sad indictment on American TV journalism. Still given the way he slaughters the politicians and media in … Continue reading

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>Your tax dollars at work

>Joshua Gans on Twitter linked to this rather cool (in a nerdy, economics kind of way) tool, that shows where your tax dollars go. It’s called taxcheck; and all you need to do is punch in how much you earn, … Continue reading

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>Doonesbury’s Generational Shift

> I have been a fan of Gary Trudeau’s “Doonesbury” comic since coming across it in 1990. For many a year it was the main reason I bought The Australian. Now of course, due to the internet, I need not … Continue reading

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>All mountains, no molehills

>This is what the riders in the Tour de France face tonight. Just look at that first climb! If that wouldn’t make you reconsider your career choices, then you should be considering your sanity. But then Tour riders are never … Continue reading

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>The Daily Telegraph’s Masterchef "Scoop"

>While watching Masterchef tonight, I was also flicking around the various news sites, and at the point the show was down to revealing the final judging, The Daily Telegraph had this story on the front page of its website: Poh … Continue reading

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