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>Newspoll: ALP 57 – LNP 43 (or the Libs find their base)

> So the Newspoll (and the Nielson poll) came out today, showing the ALP getting a slight movement up from the last one of 56-44 to the pretty mundane  level for the Rudd Government of 57-43. All week members of … Continue reading

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>Yet another boring day in politics

> For those who wonder why I am a political tragic, today is one of those days that just makes it all clear. From about midday till 3pm, the internet at my work was down and so I was somewhat … Continue reading

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>On the QT: Politics by Twitter feed

> A weird, weird Question Time. On this, the day that the Liberal-National Party Rooms were in fiery debate over the ETS Bill, the Opposition decided to start asking the Government non-asylum seeker questions. Obviously this did not involve asking … Continue reading

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>On the QT: Parliament House ping pong

> Question Time continued its ongoing nadir of level of debate. The Opposition asked about asylum seekers; the Government asked Dorothy Dixers about the ETS. And back and forth it went. Greg Combet had the most fun of the day … Continue reading

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>Dumb Films I Can’t Resist

> Call them guilty pleasures, call them underrated gems, call them pure shite. For me they are dumb films I can’t resist. They’re films that I have seen far too often because they’re shown far too often on TV. And … Continue reading

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>Newspoll: ALP 56- LNP 44 (or welcome back status quo)

> Today the Newspoll was released in The Australian, showing the ALP’s two party preferred was at 56% – up from the rogue poll of two week’s ago, but still down on the 59% of a month ago. In reality … Continue reading

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>Downer gives us the real dirt (sotto voce)

> A couple things happened today – Malcolm Turnbull announced the Liberal Party asylum seeker “policy”, and Alexander Downer gave us an insight into what the Howard Government policy on asylum seekers really was. First let’s look at the policy. … Continue reading

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>Movie Review – The Boys Are Back

> Scott Hicks’s latest film, The Boys are Back, opens with sports journalist Joe Warr (Clive Owen) driving a 4WD along a beach. He is laughing all the while as  the people on the beach all look at him in … Continue reading

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>Guess I’m a problem gamer

> For the first time I want to buy a computer game that has the adjective “controversial” attached to it. Today Activision’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (otherwise known as COD4.2 because it is actually the sequel to Call … Continue reading

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>Stewart skewers Beck

>If any of you have ever come across Glenn Beck in your travels on the internet, you’ll know you have stumbled across the… oh how to put it nicely… err.. the dumbest right wing nut bag ever to walk the … Continue reading

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