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>Flick of the Week: “Gene, the Odyssey is dying.”

> This week’s Flick of the Week takes us with Ron Howard from American Graffiti to the first directorial “big picture film” about “failed” Apollo moon mission, Apollo 13. After finishing up Happy Days, Howard turned to directing – most … Continue reading

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>Who Has Federer Hurt the Most

> When you look at the statistics of Roger Federer’s career, it is hard not to think there must be more than a few players who at night lie in bed wondering why they had to be born at the … Continue reading

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>They Got a Little Lost

>Watching so much tennis this summer has made me realise a couple things. Firstly, Courtney Cox needs to be surrounded by 5 other friends, for me to really want to watch any TV show she is in. Sure I’ll give … Continue reading

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>The ETS is the 1999 Republic Referendum All Over Again

> What is it with the Left and absolutely imploding? In 1999, there was enough sentiment in the country for even John Howard to realise he needed to do something about the republic. And what happened? The Left were completely … Continue reading

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>There’s Good, there’s Great, and then there’s Federer

> Today was the match in the Australian Open I had long been dreading since seeing the draw – the match where Roger Federer was due to play Nikolai Davydenko. The problem was it was a quarter final, and that … Continue reading

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>2010 Looking Good for Aussie films

> 2009 was a very strong year for Aussie films. They took a 5.0% share of the box office (up from the 10 year average of 4.4%), and we had 5 films that earned over $3 million at the local … Continue reading

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>Oh the easy life of being a climate change denier

> This week I was reading an article by UK journalist George Monbiot in which he demolishes line by line an opinion piece written Michigan columnist John Tomlinson in which Monbiot judges there are 38 errors (or one misleading statement … Continue reading

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>US Politics Makes No Sense

> Today in America the election to replace Ted Kennedy in the Senate was held in Massachusetts. The seat has been a Democratic Party one since 1953 when John F Kennedy beat Henry Cabot Lodge – and both of the … Continue reading

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>Newspoll ALP 54- LNP 46 (or so who won the preseason comp last year?)

> Today the first Newspoll of the year came out. It showed the ALP had “slipped” from 56 to 54, and the LNP had increased from 44 to 46. Interestingly the LNP’s primary vote hadn’t changed a bit, which made … Continue reading

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>Avatar sets a record for the 21st century

>Last month I did a post about the difficulty for films to rely on word of mouth to build up a following – citing the Box Office Squeeze of big films, which meant there were now more different Number 1s … Continue reading

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