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>In Case of Electoral Wipeout – Blow Whistle, and Scare the Oldies

> So yesterday a Newspoll comes out with the ALP ahead 56-44. The response from Tony Abbott? Did you really need to ask? It’s what any gutter-level Liberal Leader would do obviously – talk about Asylum Seekers and criminals in … Continue reading

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>Newspoll: ALP 56 – LNP 44 (or so much for that narrative, maybe Abbott needs a new book)

> Today’s Newspoll came out showing a big jump in the ALP on Two Party Preferred terms from 52%-48% to 56%-44%. This reversed the drop in the ALP’s 2PP in the Essential Report yesterday – but in that case, the … Continue reading

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>The Essence of the Essential Report

> Today, a day before the latest Newspoll comes out, Essential Media released its poll showing that the Two Party Preferred percentages had moved in the last week from ALP 56%- LNP 44% to ALP 54%- LNP46%. Now this of … Continue reading

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>AFL Power Rankings – Round One (or how quickly the best laid plans can come undone)

> As with last year, each week I’ll be doing a Power Ranking of the AFL. Givne the lopsided and biased nature of the AFL draw, the Premiership table con often be a poor indicator of a side’s true strength … Continue reading

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>Oh Earth Hour, why do you waste so much energy?

> I write this just as Earth Hour is about to start. I won’t be observing it. I don’t think I ever have. To those who do, give yourselves a big golf clap. Earth Hour started in Sydney in 2007. … Continue reading

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>Aussie Film Trailer: Animal Kingdom

> Back in early February I had a few bad things to say about the teaser poster for the Aussie crime film, Animal Kingdom. Today they released the actual poster and the trailer for the film. I have to say … Continue reading

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>Shutting the Barnyard door after the horse has bolted

> Only someone with a heart of stone would not be feeling for political tragic tonight, with the news of Barnaby Joyce’s demotion from Shadow Finance to Shadow Regional Development, Infrastructure and Water – code I guess for “ go … Continue reading

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>The Greatest AFL Teams

>Tomorrow night the 21st year of the AFL begins, having started in 1990. Prior to that? I have no idea, like Lincoln to the South Carolina representatives, I have AFL eyes, I cannot see the VFL. Well Ok, I do … Continue reading

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>The Health Debate – Kevin grins, Abbott grits and Journalists talk.

> Let’s not beat around the bush: the Health debate at the National Press Club today was a clear win for Kevin Rudd. Tony Abbott came with no policy and left with little other than a reinforcement of his stereotype … Continue reading

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>A Little Health Q & A

> Today over in America, the House of Representatives helped join America with the rest of the world and kinda sorta put that nation on the road to universal health care (still needs to get through the Senate). The US … Continue reading

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