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>The Greens and the ETS: it all seems so simple if you just close your eyes and dream

> Yesterday I wrote about the Rudd Government’s decision to shelve the ETS till “2013”. I also had a bit of a go at the Greens for being politically naive and also trying to remain politically pure. Tim Hollo, who … Continue reading

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>The ETS gets put in the pre-election sin bin

> This morning news came that the Government was going to put the ETS legislation in a drawer till 2013. To the critics this was political cowardice; to the ALP supporters it was political reality. Tony Abbott and Greg Hunt … Continue reading

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>AFL Power Ranking Round 5 (or handball at your own peril)

> I noticed this week that has started doing power rankings as well. Ah well, bugger ‘em. If all the matches of this week highlighted one thing, it was that sides will lose matches through dumb handballs – handballs … Continue reading

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>Corporal Tony wants to go the War

> Tony Abbott today gave a speech to the Lowy Institute on “National Security Fundamentals”. Of course the speech included talk about asylum seekers – because of course when you’re talking about Australia’s national security you have to make sure … Continue reading

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>Stewart takes on Fox and the decimal system

> After such a long, dry post on childcare and insulation, have a laugh with this clip from John Stewart – it’s a week old, but it’s still brilliant. The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / … Continue reading

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>Insulate the damage, and hope the storm blows over.

> Today was I think the worst day politically speaking of the Rudd Government. First Greg Combet announced the cancellation of the Home Insulation Program Mark II, then Kate Ellis announce the Government was reneging on its 2007 election promise … Continue reading

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>Off to the mines with you Work’us: Abbott goes Dickens

> Today, Tony Abbott, fresh from having fallen completely off the news radar over the last week, found himself in the midst of another of his great policy thought bubbles. An excellent story in The Australian by Andrew Burrell reported … Continue reading

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>Newspoll ALP 54 – LNP 44 (or Health, Stimulus and the English Language)

> Today’s Newspoll was for the first time in a while announced on last night’s Lateline. Dennis Shanahan even made an appearance to discus it. When news of this broke I was sure the results would be bad for Labor. … Continue reading

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>Polls, Idle Polls, I know not what they mean

> Today one of the irregular Nielsen Polls came out in the Fairfax papers. I generally don’t bother much with Nielsen because they only come out every 4 or 6 weeks and thus it is almost pointless trying to track … Continue reading

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>AFL Power Rankings: Round 4 (or at least my baseball team is winning)

> As a Crows supporter, I have to say being an AFL fan is not fun at the moment. My side can’t kick, tackle, handpass or win the contested footy. Other than that, they’re doing well. It’s pretty dire and … Continue reading

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