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>Time for a break

> To my regular reader (oh ok, I’ll show some hubris and admit there is a plural number, and say “readers”), I’m off on holidays for a week. Unless something amazing happens – you know a PM is rolled or … Continue reading

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>Newspoll ALP 53 – LNP 47 (or this is irrelevant, apparently)

> Today Newspoll become one of the mass of polls to come out to give us a view of what the people think of Julia Gillard. Of course such polls are always a bit ropey. All it really examines is … Continue reading

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>AFL Power Rankings: Round 13 (or homeward bound)

> It’s all downhill from here… The big game brought a big comeback and a threw the whole Premiership race open… well open for two teams at least. At least this weekend we get back to 8 games. The split … Continue reading

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>Flick of the Week: “Nobody can stab a corpse and not know it.”

> This week’s Flick of the Week takes us with director Robert Altmann from his acerbic Hollywood satire, The Player, to his take on the British whodunnit mystery, Gosford Park. Gosford Park concerns a shooting party held at the eponymous … Continue reading

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>When to call the election

> Ok, you’re now Julia Gillard, Prime Minister of Australia. If you can’t handle that role, take the role of a senior ALP machine man. It doesn’t matter because you all have a big decision to make: When do you … Continue reading

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>Half of what I say is meaningless

> On Wednesday night I wrote when I heard that Julia Gillard was challenging Rudd that it was a dumb thing to do because the ALP was in front in the polls on a 2 Party Preferred basis and Rudd … Continue reading

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>On the QT: Nothing like a dull news day.

> If only politics were exciting… What a day, a day which no one saw coming. No one. The entire media contingent in Parliament House missed it until 7pm when Chris Uhlman broke the story. Consider Denis Shanahan, who has … Continue reading

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>On the QT: The ALP: How to completely screw it up

> Today’s Question Time was as the same as all the ones this week: Kevin Rudd completely untroubled, the ALP front bench looking quite happy, sand the opposition punching away without any force or reason. The oppositions asked lame questions … Continue reading

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>On the QT: Little Red Corvette Edition

> By far the best answer in Question Time today came from Craig Emerson as he related views of the Shadow Minister for Communications, Tony Smith, on the National Broadband Network. He cited a television interview he and Smith had … Continue reading

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>Aussie Film Trailers – Tomorrow, When the War Began; The Legends of the Guardians

> On the weekend a couple new trailers for two highly anticipated Aussie films came out. The first is the second trailer for Tomorrow, When the War Began. The film, based on John Marsden’s huge selling young-adult book, looks absolutely … Continue reading

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