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>Spartacus no more

> Last week, at the end of the Media 140 conference where I was blogging, the day ended with panellist Jason Wilson asking “Who is Grog’s Gamut?!”. In response a handful of people stood up and announced “I’m Grog’s Gamut!” … Continue reading

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>“Our” The King’s Speech

> We here in Australia love to claim anything that has passed by these shores for even the briefest of moments as “our”. At times it can be downright cringing (actually it pretty much always is – can you recall … Continue reading

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>Same old faces

>This morning, unusually, I missed Meet the Press, Laurie Oakes interview on Sunday Today and most of Insiders. I didn’t really care. Yes I would have like to have caught Gillard’s interview on Meet the Press, but when I had … Continue reading

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>Liberal politicalol Cats

> Well Fridays are often the time for on line fun and laughs – a day when people start sending around dopey things on email like pictures of cats doing stupid things as part of “Friday funnies” –  and so … Continue reading

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>A Slanty Poll for Slanty Coverage

> Election coverage gets thumbs up A poll released today by Essential Media on the media’s election coverage performance has shown that almost two thirds of voters gave the media a positive assessment. The poll definitively refutes the views by … Continue reading

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>Flick of the Week: Who ever heard of a bank robbers escaping on a plane with fifty hostages?

> The last Flick of the Week post I did was back on (ahem) 27 June, which makes this the most overdue one of these posts I’ve ever done. For those who have only been reading this blog for a … Continue reading

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>BHP cooks up some climate change policy

> There are some things in politics you can expect to happen, but having Bob Brown come out suggesting he and BHP were as one on climate change policy is not one of them.  This occurred today because the CEO … Continue reading

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>Shadow boxing

> Well today the Government Ministry was sworn in (or affirmed) and Tony Abbott announced his shadow ministry. On the Government side there was the late announcement that a number of the Ministries had been changed – notably the education … Continue reading

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>The Cabinet Picks and Pans

> OK, here’s the list. Cabinet Ministers Julia Gillard Prime Minister Wayne Swan Deputy Prime Minister Treasurer Kevin Rudd Minister for Foreign Affairs Chris Evans Minister for Jobs, Skills and Workplace Relations Simon Crean Minister for Regional Australia, Regional Development … Continue reading

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>Friday Night Relaxer

> Well that was a pretty full on week: a week at the end of which you really need a rest. I could write about Rob Oakeshott turning down the Cabinet position, or about the Greens possibly working with Abbott … Continue reading

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