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>C’mon Punter – put your hand up and go

> Back in January 2009 I wrote a post examining Mathew Hayden’s comments that the decision on whether or not he should tour England for the 2009 Ashes series was basically up to him committing to do so. I thought … Continue reading

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>A Quick Thanks

> Yes, I know I said I was on holidays, but today I won a Wonkley Award, and that doesn’t happen every day.  This won’t mean much to those who aren’t into blogs or Twitter… (in which case I’m not … Continue reading

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>Time for a break

> I’m going to take an early Christmas break from blogging. I was going to keep going right up till the end of next week, but something happened yesterday. I reached the “I don’t give a stuff” point. Actually this … Continue reading

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>Friday Night Relaxer: It’s beginning to feel like Christmas letters

> This weekend, like every first weekend of December for the past 6 years I will be writing our family’s Christmas Letter. Part of me hates myself every time I do it because it means that, yes I have become … Continue reading

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>Latham doesn’t let reality slip through

> Remember how during the election Mark Latham decided, as Mark Latham always does, that everything was about him? Remember how journalists started asking Julia Gillard about things Latham had said that were just his opinions and based on nothing … Continue reading

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