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>Cyclone Yasi: the uninvited QLD guest

> I lived in Cairns for 11 years from Jan 1995 to Jan 2006. During that time my wife and I, like most who live in the north for any length of time, experienced a couple cyclones and numerous cyclone … Continue reading

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>Flick of the Week: “You’re dead, son. Get yourself buried”.

> This week’s flick of the week takes us from the rip-roaring music of Elmer Bernstein from The Great Escape to his jazz-soaked score of Sweet Smell of Success. Using Elmer Bernstein as the link is a bit of a … Continue reading

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>Friday Night Relaxer: Picks and Tubes

> This week I was going to write about the Hottest 100, but someone did that. I was then going to do a list of things. But Ben Eltham wrote in Crikey today that lists are stupid. So I’ll wait … Continue reading

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>Mitchell and Gillard: talk back at its most pathetic

> This morning, Julia Gillard, as is the case when needing to sell something, was all over the airwaves and TV screens. She fronted up to David Koch where she had to try and explain to him that the contingency … Continue reading

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>The Oz’s position on the levy is a rough passage

> On today’s front page of The Oz  we saw an example of journalism that would make Brooke Vandenberg proud. There was a nice big photo of a young woman in a pretty nice house on Brisbane’s riverfront, sitting underneath … Continue reading

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>A little levy, that hopes to go a long way

> Today Julia Gillard at the National Press club announced the Government’s flood relief package. As we all expected after a good week or so of backgrounding to the media, it included a levy. The levy is not ‘huge’. Yes, … Continue reading

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>Rafa’s slam cut down at the hamstrings.

> Tonight Rafael Nadal lined up in a Quarter Final match against fellow Spaniard David Ferrer. They had met 14 times before, with Nadal winning the last seven matches. In the midst of his best run of form at the … Continue reading

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>When the Levy Breaks

> How did it come to this? Disasters are supposed to be good for Governments – it’s when leaders can show leadership, because let’s face it most of the time leaders go round looking for something to lead – it’s … Continue reading

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>Friday Night Relaxer: The Pixar Genius

> Last year a first occurred in American cinema going. The animated film, Toy Story 3 came number 1 at the box office. But that wasn’t a first – animated films have been number one quite a few times – … Continue reading

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>Stewart yet again shows how it is done.

> A quick (and yeah lazy) post tonight. I haven’t written too much about the Tucson massacre, but as ever when it comes to American politics, Jon Stewart pretty well says all you wished you had thought to say first. … Continue reading

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