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>The Sideshow zooms over the press gallery’s heads.

> Yesterday I bought a copy of Lindsay Tanner’s book, Sideshow: Dumbing Down of Democracy (it only gets released officially next week, but for some reason Dymocks in Canberra already had copies of it). The book is not a memoir, … Continue reading

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>Obama Feeds the Trolls

> There is a well know saying among those who participate in online discussions – Don’t feed the trolls. The trolls are those areshats who go on blogs and twitter etc and sprout bullsh*t just to get those who hold … Continue reading

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>Inflating fashion; deflating toughness

> So the big news today was obviously that fashion doyen Gai Waterhouse had criticised Julia Gillard for looking drab while touring the Japanese towns that had been utterly destroyed by the tsunami. And I have to say, Gai is … Continue reading

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>Sport is for losers

> A couple weeks ago while watching my AFL team the Adelaide Crows being beaten by the Fremantle Dockers, I tweeted, “Crows getting smashed. Stupid game”. Given I often seem to be tweeting about a team I support losing, someone … Continue reading

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>Shouting fire in a pre-Budget theatre.

> Today Greg Combet release a report by the CSIRO into the Home Insulation Program (HIP). Obviously it shows that the whole thing was bungled and was “a mess”… err what’s that? It doesn’t? Oh. In what will come as … Continue reading

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>Strike me sovereign! $43 billion? That’s capital!

> Here was John Howard back in 2007 – you remember, that glorious period before the unions took over and killed our economy: On the subject of mining, there is a risk to the strength of the mining industry in … Continue reading

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>Time to go and eat worms?

>A quick post tonight (family stuff got in the way of my usual night’s schedule, and also I want to relax and watch Paper Giants!)Today’s Nielsen Polls has the ALP behind 44-56 (have been told if they did half percentages … Continue reading

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>Friday Night Relaxer: The Best Trilogies of All-time

> Ahhh “trilogy”. Is there any phrase more likely to gladden the heart of a movie fan? That knowledge that a good first film has not totally been ruined by a sequel and thus the studio has consented to make … Continue reading

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>Labor PM in Favour of Jobs (or “Oh, the betrayal”)

> A funny thing happened last night. Julia Gillard gave a speech on jobs at the Sydney Institute, which almost everyone only heard what they wanted to hear. And what they seemed to want to hear was that Julia Gillard … Continue reading

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>Don’t bet on the joys of the pokies

>When I was working in the Cairns Casino I’d often arrive on the floor to replace a guy who had been in the industry as long as casinos had been in Australia. He had started back at Wrest Point in … Continue reading

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