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On the QT: One sentence is not a report

The parliamentary nonsense started this morning with the latest Newspoll coming out in The Oz showing that the the ALP’s 2PP vote had increased 2 points and narrowed the LNP’s lead from 46-54 to 48-52. Naturally this was reported as … Continue reading

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>On the QT: The stench, it rises (so too does the economy)

> The day in Parliament House started with The PM and Tony Abbott and most other MPs attending the Biggest Morning Tea Fundraiser for Cancer at which both Gillard and Abbott gave speeches. Tony Abbott, as is his way, decided … Continue reading

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>On the QT: “You should be made to wear earphones”

> Yesterday I made note that very, very little of what occurs in Question Time has a connection with the real world. Today was a nice example of that, which make you think “there is no sense in trying”. Yesterday, … Continue reading

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>On the QT: Seen it all before.

> I’ve been writing about Question Time for as long as I’ve been writing this blog. I don’t mean to suggest I am some old hand at the caper, though as a decent politics nerd of some standing I have … Continue reading

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>Joe packs his bags for Saudi Arabia

> Joe Hockey today gave his Budget Reply address at the National Press Club. The best you can say is it wasn’t as bad a last year, where he failed to outline the Budget cuts that Tony Abbott had said … Continue reading

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>Nick Minchin: Set-top box warrior

> I wrote yesterday that Tony Abbott’s position on set-top boxes for pensioners was a tad confused – totally against it as wasteful, but not prepared to say he’ll vote against it. Perhaps the answer lies in what was mentioned … Continue reading

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>Mining for perspective

> Here was the big splash on the front page of The Oz yesterday: Carbon tax to hurt more than ETS, warns energy sector …miners said failure to deal effectively with the trade exposure of export industries could cut more … Continue reading

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>Poll them up, poll them down, poll them round and round

> As we leave Budget week behind us for another year, two polls – by Newspoll and Nielsen – came out to see if there was any budget bounce. Actually there is no such thing as a budget bounce, and … Continue reading

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>Flick of the Week: “Where’s that money, you silly stupid old fool? Where’s that money?”

> This week’s Flick of the Week takes with Donna Reed from her Oscar winning role as Alma ‘Lorene’ Burke in From Here to Eternity to the movie role she is probably most famous for, Mary Hatch), in Frank Capra’s … Continue reading

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On the QT: You don’t have to be rich to aspire

So today the unemployment figures came out. Always a wondrous moment for economics nerds and a damn boring moment for the media – unless the figure does something good (ie bad). It actually did not much (and not much is … Continue reading

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