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Drum Piece –“Sorting fact from anecdote”

My Drum piece today is on a few things, but mainly the ongoing call that a wages break-out is imminent. Rather oddly this ongoing call occurs despite all evidence failing to support it. But such is the way of the … Continue reading

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ALP Leadership Vote: Gillard 71–Rudd 31

So many media reports for so many months for so few votes. All of that for 31 votes. Less than a third of the vote. Back in September last year, Michelle Grattan wrote a report with the headline: Rudd only … Continue reading

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Drum piece and Employment Figures

My Drum piece from yesterday looked at banking costs.  The latest unemployment figures came out today. I’m a bit flat out editing my book at the moment, so I’ll just fling a few graphs at you. The seasonal rate dropped … Continue reading

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Drum piece – Rates, jobs and speedboats: the economy explained

My Drum piece this week is on interest rates and some remarks by Andrew Robb that I found amusing. Not much else to add today. My book is due with the publishers on 22 February, so life is currently a … Continue reading

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