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Drum piece: Plus a look at Australian and USA’s GDP over the years

My Drum piece today looked at a few things about our economy and how it is going compared to the rest of the world, and also how we seem to be getting just a bit more confident. This of course … Continue reading

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Industrial Disputes: Unions forget they’re suppose to be on the warpath

Well along with the good employment figures, the ABS also released the quarterly industrial disputes, and surprise, surprise, the amount of working days lost fell in the December quarter: Look I know, I know. Who wants all that context, – … Continue reading

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Employment soars in February, Unemployment steady at 5.4%

Holy wow. No one saw this coming. The Labour force figures released to day by the ABS, showed that employment grew in February by a whopping 0.6% in seasonally adjusted terms. Now I know 0.6% doesn’t sound like much, but  … Continue reading

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Drum Piece: Recessions ain’t all that technical

My Drum piece today got a bit econ nerdy and talked about whether or not Victoria is in a recession on the basis of 2 consecutive quarter (or perhaps even 3) of negative growth of State Final Demand. My points … Continue reading

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GDP–Australia’s economy grows by 3.1% in 2012, but looks to be slowing

I was going to do this last night, but I was side-tracked doing some other work, and also by the laughs going on down in Victoria. So here is yesterday’s post today: *** And so today the December 2012 National … Continue reading

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