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Friday Night Relaxer: Triple J’s Hottest 100 1993-2012

This is my first Friday Night Relaxer for a while… since June 2011 to be exact. They used to be among my favourite blog posts to write and to be honest since stopping writing them I have never really felt … Continue reading

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Friday Night Relaxer: Vale Borders

I first encountered Borders in 2001 when my wife and I visited friends who were living in Vancouver. I think I spent about 3-4 hours in the Borders and I probably drooled most of the time. So I was a … Continue reading

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>Friday Night Relaxer: Record Books

> A couple months ago I wrote a piece for the Walkley Magazine on 10 Things You Need to Know to Blog Your Way to Success (success, obviously being a pretty flexible term). Rule Number 5 was Be regular  Ironically, … Continue reading

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>Friday Night Relaxer: The Best Trilogies of All-time

> Ahhh “trilogy”. Is there any phrase more likely to gladden the heart of a movie fan? That knowledge that a good first film has not totally been ruined by a sequel and thus the studio has consented to make … Continue reading

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>Friday Night Relaxer: Grogs Gamut interviews Greg Jericho

> TAPE STARTS GROG’S GAMUT: So are you ready? GREG JERCIHO: Yep, let’s go. Have you started the tape? GAMUT: Yeah don’t worry it’s going. JERICHO: Excellent. Here, just let me get a drink….  Oh geez. I’m buggered.  What a … Continue reading

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>Friday Night Relaxer: Another night off (and a bit of The Late Show)

> Just a quick one tonight, because once a gain life interrupts. I know this makes it a few Fridays in a row (so much for my advice of being regular) without a post, but I swear I will be … Continue reading

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>Friday Night Relaxer: King Colin Conquers Ken (and the rest of the English acting world)

>On Monday during the Oscars telecast, film and music journo, Lynden Barber wrote, what I thought was a pretty incisive tweet: Colin Firth is the Brit actor that Branagh was hyped up to be early in the latter’s career  It’s … Continue reading

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>Friday Night Relaxer–It’s Oscar Time

> On Monday our time, it’ll be time to get excited about what a bunch of mostly aging, mostly acting, and mostly conservative people think are the best films and performances of the last year. Yep, it’s time for the … Continue reading

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>Friday Night Relaxer – Relax!

> It was one of those days that was well…. “work”. One of those, “how many times will this document crash while I am working on it” days. One of those, “will spending 30 minutes in a check out line … Continue reading

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>Friday Night Relaxer: Covers of my life

> I am not by nature a hoarder. Sure I have never thrown out a novel, but that is more due to my book addiction than anything else. I’m not one for keeping too many things “just in case”. If … Continue reading

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