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The Rise of the Fifth Estate–excerpt

My book, The Rise of the Fifth Estate is released tomorrow. It is available in ebook form in various formats. Here is a bit of a taste – an excerpt from the first chapter. ****** Chapter One: Thrills and Spills … Continue reading

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Drum piece and a National Press Club rant

My Drum piece today is on the Oscars. I have been putting off getting back to writing about politics for a long as possible. I suppose I could have churned out something on the Australia Day stuff, but, meh. Due … Continue reading

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Drum Piece –Movies and Pirates – and the APSC’s new Guidelines for Being a Public Servant on Social Media

My Drum piece today is on how the film industry keeps making crap and treats consumers like crap and then wonders why box office revenue is falling… oh yeah “it’s the pirates”. The piece has a few graphs (but of … Continue reading

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