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Australian Political Blog Roll – a Call for Help

As some of you would know, I am writing a book for Scribe publishers on social media and politics, policy and journalism. As part of the project I thought it worthwhile trying to come up with a list of all … Continue reading

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Little update

As of today I’ll be posting every Wednesday over at The Drum. So head on over for a look and a comment. I’ll still try to write other posts here, but more likely it will be just movie/Friday Relaxer posts … Continue reading

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>A Horrible Night Ahead

> To those in Far North Queensland, good luck and stay safe. My thoughts and prayers are with you this terrible night.

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>Queensland Flash Floods

> As a guy who grew up in dry SA, the idea of floods were never that high on my radar as things to worry about. Sure I lived on the Murray River in a little town called Mannum, but … Continue reading

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>On the QT: Speculation, gravitas and the honest truth

> This morning on Sky News it was revealed that three weeks ago Greens’ Senator Sarah Hanson-Young had challenge Christine Milne for the Deputy Leadership position. This caused a brief, but rather humorous flurry on twitter under the title #greenspill. … Continue reading

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>Communication breakdown

>Just a quick note that I write from an computer terminal in a shopping centre. As anticipated moving house has caused some issues re internet (and the phone). Suffice to say I have no idea when I’ll be back online and … Continue reading

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>On the QT: Making Meltdowns out of Molehills, and Molehills out of Fertiliser

> Today’s Question Time was prefaced by dopey reports this morning regarding Kevin Rudd’s appearance on the 7:30 Report last night – an appearance where he finally did what I suggested he should have done three weeks ago, and got … Continue reading

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>Newspoll: ALP 56 – LNP 44 (or so much for that narrative, maybe Abbott needs a new book)

> Today’s Newspoll came out showing a big jump in the ALP on Two Party Preferred terms from 52%-48% to 56%-44%. This reversed the drop in the ALP’s 2PP in the Essential Report yesterday – but in that case, the … Continue reading

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>On the QT: When Julia attacks!

> Today in describing Thursday’s Question Time, The Australian’s Samantha Maiden described it as Gillard “entered the killing zone”. It was a great description of events, and I want to revisit just how brutal was Julia. Given only true political … Continue reading

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>On the QT: Game and Set

> Question Time can in some ways be seen like a tennis match. Each answer by a Minister is an attempt to hold his or her serve as the opposition tries to break them. Unfortunately for the opposition, the Government … Continue reading

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